We teach a variety of instruments in a style tailored to your specific needs.
Instruments include piano, vocal, guitar, bass, mandolin, harmonica and drums.

All lessons are $18.00 per half-hour private lessons. No contracts. No Registration Fees. Accredited Teachers. Registered students receive a 10% discount on all regular priced items in our retail store. We teach until 9pm.

Who Should take Lessons ! Anyone who wants to have fun !
However, we have also noted some situations in which an acquired music skill has helped:
The development of music skills improves other intellectual facilities - particularly those involving mathematics and formal reasoning.
Children often learn socialization skills by interacting with other musicians.

Learn the type of Music you prefer:

At Centre Stage you can come to learn the type of music you have a preference for.
We teach anyone, from complete beginner to very advanced, making all our students learning experience very enjoyable. Our students have a firm understanding of the basic principals of theory and its practical applications. RCM exam preparation for piano. Level of interest is always maintained because our teachers work with the material you choose.
Centre Stage provides a serious atmosphere for learning, yet maintains a fun element during lessons to ensure you will thoroughly enjoy learning music.

What our Teachers are About:

All our teachers have experience in teaching and performing different styles of music. Our teachers are always enthusiastic and inspiring. Our music teachers take pride in helping their students reach their own personal goals. At Centre Stage you can learn anything from progressive rock guitar to Royal Conservatory classical piano and anything in between.

For more information call 613-547-2469
or E-mail: sales@cntrstgmusic.com

Guitar needs a setup? Kill your amp? Flatten your pedal? We can help!

We do on site repairs to all makes and models of guitars.

Restring and Tune

Setup and Intonation - including floating bridge

Fret Dress and Refret

Mods and Pickup Installation

We service what we sell in Kingston and repair all makes of amps. Qualified Technician.

Repairs to tube, solid state amps, mixers and pedals " If it's a yearly checkup, re-tube, new speakers or if you have no sound. Drop by our store, call or email us for more information.

We carry a large selection of parts, pick-ups and components.

Electric pick-ups - Seymour Duncan , DiMarzio , EMG and others. Acoustic pick-ups - L.R. Baggs , Fishman , and others. Switches, pots, saddles, nuts and many other parts in stock.

Reasonable rates and turn around. Free Estimates!!!


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